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Tired of not looking as young as you feel? Have you taken care of yourself, but don’t feel your face has kept up with the rest of you? These thoughts are very common and something that Dr. Yamamoto discusses with patients on a daily basis. Looking young is no accident. Trust your face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon.

The Yummy Lift

The Yummy Lift is a family of facelift and neck lift techniques that have been designed to fit the needs of all patients looking to improve the face and look more youthful. Dr. Yamamoto developed these options throughout his years of training and experience doing surgery exclusively on the face and neck area. He identified the different needs of people based on their age, lifestyle, budget, and desired outcomes.

Every Yummy Lift is designed to lift the muscle of the face. This is what contributes to the most natural and longest-lasting results possible. No shortcuts like pulling on the skin only or using threads are used. Every Yummy Lift uses surgical techniques that create long-lasting lifts, but minimize downtime. Based on your age, facial type, budget, and desired outcome, we have the right Yummy Lift for you!

Dr. Yamamoto Talks About The Yummy Lift

The Mini-Yummy Lift

Are you tired of not looking as young as you feel? Are life responsibilities getting in the way of you finally doing something for yourself? Are you eager to be the envy of your friends—the one who always looks great? The Mini-Yummy Lift is your answer.

Dr. Yamamoto has trained in, researched, and refined facelift techniques to include an option for those who are looking for a lift and natural improvement of the face but is more economical with minimal downtime. The Mini-Yummy Lift is ideal for those who are successful and busy with life and deserve to do something for themselves. Why not project your successes in life with a more youthful face?

The Mini-Yummy Lift is a limited incision procedure that uses special sutures to lift and tighten the muscle of the face. A small amount of skin is also lifted and removed. This straightens the jawline and pulls up that infamous “jowl” that is starting to droop.

The Mini-Yummy Lift can be done comfortably in the office and takes about 90 minutes. Downtime is less than one week and recovery involves only mild pain or discomfort. You can enjoy your new youthful face quickly, and the best part is that everybody will envy you, but nobody will know what you did to look so good.

Is it time for you to finally do something for yourself and get that more youthful face to compliment how young you feel? Dr. Yamamoto has all of the answers in your consultation with him.

Yummy Lift

The Yummy-Lift (with Yummy Neck Tight)

Are you ready for more than just a Mini Yummy-Lift? Tired of seeing all that extra skin in the mirror? Are you ready to take the next step in rejuvenating your face? Do you want natural results that look like a better version of you? c is the perfect answer that balances downtime and results.

Dr. Yamamoto has been trained and extensively performed and perfected the Yummy-Lift. This option can address both the jawline and neck and tighten those areas that are starting to droop. The Yummy-Lift combined with a neck lift (Yummy Tight) is the most popular option and addresses two of the most common areas we all notice in the mirror—the jowls and the sagging neck.

The Yummy Lift is typically done in the OR and involves a moderate amount of skin lifting. The underlying muscle of the face is cut and mobilized to create a more significant lift. This is sutured into a higher position using strong sutures. The neck muscles are tightened and the skin is lifted. In addition, Dr. Yamamoto can add micro-liposculpting to the area under the chin which gets rid of that pesky fat that never seems to go away.

Downtime is typically at 7 to 10 days. Results are more significant compared to a Mini Yummy-Lift.

The Yummy Lift is the true crowd-pleaser and is the best option for most people. Great, natural, head-turning results with minimal downtime. Get ready to be noticed. Your friends will wonder what you did to look so good, but will never suspect you had a Yummy Lift.

Completely satisfied with the results

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I had a great experience with Dr. Yamamoto, I walked out immediately feeling more confident! I highly recommend him, you will feel comfortable from the time you step foot in his office and will be feeling completely satisfied with the results you walk out with. He understands that every patient’s desire is unique and will be sure to deliver exactly what you want. I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Yamamoto’s work. Reno is lucky Dr. Yamamoto started his practice here, as he is one of the only face specialists in the area. Don’t make a mistake, see Dr. Yamamoto!

by Britton

Extra Yummy-Lift+

Do you already know that you’re ready for a facelift? Are you looking for that dramatic improvement that will finally take care of all that droopy stuff you see in the mirror? Extra Yummy-Lift+ is what you have been looking for. This procedure is the most comprehensive option that will give you the most improvement while still looking natural.

The Yummy-Lift+ is a more extensive procedure that lifts both skin and muscle high up in the cheek. This allows for more lifting of both the jawline and cheek area. A higher cheek and a tighter jawline help give you back the face you had 10 years ago. The Yummy Neck Tight is also performed with this lift, giving you a better, tighter neck angle that you will want to show off again.

Extra Yummy-Lift+ with Yummy Neck Tight is performed in the OR. This procedure takes longer to complete and has a recovery time of about 2 weeks.

Extra-Yummy-Lift+ is the option for those who are ready to do as much as possible for their face but keep it natural. While the commitment to surgery and downtime is more significant, you get the most significant improvement in your appearance.

Yummy Lift

Add on bonuses (micro-liposculpting laser resurfacing, eyelid lift)

Who doesn’t love a little extra?

Additional procedures can be conveniently added to your Yummy Lift, including micro-liposculpting to the chin area, an eyelid lift, or laser skin resurfacing. Any of these extra options are icing on the cake when it comes to Yummy Lift. Because each of these falls into the same recovery time as your Yummy Lift, no extra downtime is needed for these procedures.

Laser Resurfacing Peel with Yummy Facelift

How Much Does a Yummy Lift Cost?

The overall cost of a procedure for your yummy lift is affected by anesthesia fees, hospital fees, post-surgery garments, and medications. Price is also impacted by medical tests, surgeon’s fees, and the exact techniques employed.

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