Yummy Lift for Men

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Cosmetic procedures have long been thought to be geared towards women, but men also experience the early signs of aging and suffer from the insecurities brought out by looking much older than they feel. Dr. Yamamoto understands that men also need a solution to the cosmetic problems they face and has helped a great deal of men rejuvenate their youthful appearance with a yummy lift.

What is a Yummy Lift?

A yummy lift is a specialized family of cosmetic procedures designed to help patients reclaim their youthful appearance. Through many years of training and education, Dr. Yamamoto developed this treatment method and utilizes techniques sourced from a facelift and neck lift. When it comes to performing the procedure on men, he takes special care to account for the masculine features that you would want to retain while correcting the common problems associated with the aging process. He takes a unique approach with each individual patient and constructs a personalized treatment plan according to a patient’s age, lifestyle, budget, and end result.

When performing a yummy lift, Dr. Yamamoto’s primary goal is to lift the muscle of the face. This facilitates a natural and long-lasting end-result. He does not take shortcuts when performing the surgery and will ensure that the procedure is fully customized to address your most pressing cosmetic concerns.

The Yummy lift can also be combined with neck tight to address those problem areas at the jawline and below. This technique can tighten areas that have begun to visibly droop and create a well-toned facial profile. Using his high level of expertise, Dr. Yamamoto has also developed variations of a yummy lift to account for those with less extensive cosmetic needs.

The Mini Yummy Lift

The mini yummy lift utilizes a limited incision and special sutures to provide the underlying facial muscles with a lift. Using this technique, he will also remove any excess skin and recontour the jawline by eliminating those dreaded jowls. This treatment is less invasive than the full yummy lift and provides visible results that you can carry with confidence.

Extra Yummy Lift +

For men who suffer from severe wrinkles and a large amount of loose skin, Dr. Yamamoto proudly offers the extra yummy lift+. This is a more extensive method that’s designed to lift the underlying muscle and skin higher in the cheek area. This option is more extensive but can help give you an appearance that looks 10 years younger. While this technique will require a longer period of downtime, the end result is much more significant and longer-lasting.

Candidates for a Yummy Lift

Men looking to improve their facial aesthetic can safely undergo a yummy lift. Patients should be in good physical health and have realistic expectations. Dr. Yamamoto will perform an initial assessment of your body and ask questions about your medical history to determine if a yummy lift is a good option for you.