I have gone to Dr. Yamamoto twice now for cosmetic procedures, both times I have left feeling and looking amazing. My first appointment was just for Botox, I did not feel pressured to do more than necessary and ended up just using Botox on my deep forehead wrinkle lines. It was absolutely painless and within 5 days I could see the changes in texture to my face. Everything looked smooth, my eyebrows had an amazing arch, and the Botox has lasted about 4.5 months.

The second time I was in to see Dr. Y was for my lip filler. It was a speedy procedure and I left loving my lips. The procedure was easy and I had minimal bruising. I iced throughout the procedure and immediately after which really helped with bruising, swellingand soreness. I love my lips. They look natural and Dr. Y was able to keep the shape of my lips and improve the shape of my Cupid’s bow on my top lip by just filling them out. I had this done the beginning of December and my lips still, almost 6 months later, look wonderful and full. I will definitely be going back for future cosmetic facial procedures!